Our program is set on a working vineyard, olive grove, and organic farm near Rethymno, Crete.  Dalabelos Estate is a state-of-the art agrotourism complex offering luxurious single or double room apartments, as well as villas for larger groups.



Fashioned from local stone, with fixtures crafted out of pottery from the nearby village of Margarites, the rooms and terraced patios of Dalabelos blend seamlessly into the lush natural spaces that surround them.



A large infinity pool, as well as numerous hot-tubs, offer guests an opportunity to swim and relax with a view of the olive groves and the Mediterranean Sea to the north.  A full-service restaurant serves three meals a day to our participants and in the evening Dalabelos hosts music and cultural programs.

Dalabelos Estate is located  just off the main highway between Heraklion (one hour away) and Rethymnon (fifteen minutes away).  The nearby villages of Ageliana, Perama and Panormo offer all the practical amenities: clinics, pharmacies, grocery stores, and cafes.

From Honey, Olives, Octopus: Adventures at the Greek Table

by Christopher Bakken

Dalabelos Estate stretches atop a verdant crest about five miles from the northern coast of Crete, not far from the city of Rethymno. From its wide patio, in the shadow of a billowing canvas umbrella, I survey its agricultural largesse.  Directly underneath are several terraced vegetable and fruit gardens.  The pomegranate trees are in flower, as are elephant-eared zucchini plants and huge tomato bushes.  A little lower down, sensible lines of grapevines have been inscribed across the hillside, and beyond that is an undulating, silvery spread of olives that goes on forever.  Out on the horizon, the low mountains part and all the green dissolves suddenly into blue, beyond which stretches the glaucous expanse of the Mediterranean (the Aegean yields to this parent sea seventy nautical miles north, back at the volcanic cusp of Santorini).