Dates: 1-10 June, 2019

Our flexible schedule allows for a three, five or nine day duration.  

Three Days (any three day period between 1-10 June, 2019)

Five Days (any five day period between 1-10 June, 2019)

Nine Days: 1-10 June, 2019

Our daily schedule will include a combination of cooking classes, activities, and discussions.  The schedule for individual participants will depend on arrival and departure date. All participants will begin with an orientation, discussion of terroir and the Cretan diet, and an estate farm tour.

In the evening, enjoy concerts of traditional Cretan music and other cultural exhibitions and activities.

Cooking Classes & Activities may include

Cretan Sourdough & Rusks


Chicken with Petimezi

Hand-made pasta with local cheese

Cretan Snails

Phyllo Demystified: Kolokithopita & Kalitsounia

Traditional Cheese

Dolmades & Mezes.

Lamb Over the Open Fire

Wood Oven Slow-Food

Honey Production and Tasting

Olive Oil Soap