About Culinary Crete

Our program at Culinary Crete provides participants with opportunities for hands-on, inspirational culinary activity while moving at a vacation-friendly pace. Daily cooking classes, discussions, activities and excursions will be interspersed with plenty of free time to enjoy the sublime landscape and luxurious accommodations at Dalabelos Estate. We promise a relaxing, decidedly delicious immersion in traditional Cretan cuisine, music, and culture.

Our flexible schedule allows for a three, five or nine day duration.  

Three Days (any three day period between 1-10 June, 2019)

Five Days (any five day period between 1-10 June, 2019)

Nine Days: 1-10 June, 2019

Contact us: culinarycrete@gmail.com

Dates: 1-10 June, 2019



Poets, fiction writers, and nonfiction writers, please visit the website of our affiliated program: